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Advisor Commentary - Election Thoughts

Advisor Commentary - Stock Markets and Election Years

Advisor Commentary - Should you care about the market each day?

Advisor Economic Commentary - MId-April 2020 Covid19 Update

Advisor Commentary - CARES Act 2020

Advisor Economic Commentary - This ain't 2008! 

Advisor Economic Commentary - COVID-19 & Market Volatility 

Advisor Economic Commentary - February 2020 Indicators 

Advisor Commentary - Defined Benefit Plan 12/13/2019

Advisor Commentary - Qualified Charitable Donation 10/25/2019

Advisor Commentary - Required Minimum Distribution 10/21/2019

Always consult your tax advisor to verify your RMD and other tax related inquiries.

Advisor Commentary - What is a Certified Financial Planner 12/07/2019

Advisor Commentary - Fi360 Investment Research Tool 10/07/2019

Advisor Economic Commentary - Tariff Wars 08/21/2019

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BANDER Investments Celebrating Retirement