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BANDER Enhancement FAQ

No, fees will be charged but will quickly be reimbursed.

During this transition, there are many moving parts. Your liquid assets will transfer first. All non-traded or asset-based investments require an additional step and will therefore follow with a subsequent transfer within 2 to 3 weeks. We will guide you through this process and take care of all the transfers on our end!

We are happy to announce that these new enhancements will not lead to an increase in your advisory fees. In many cases, this transition will provide efficiencies that can help reduce costs. This will be discussed during your one-on-one meeting.

We are committed to providing a first-class client experience. Here are a few of the service enhancements: More favorable pricing and lower transaction costs Reduction in physical mail· Software technology upgrade Optional E-Signature

BANDER Wealth Management (formerly BANDER Investments) will continue to be responsible for managing your investment accounts. Our advisory team consists of Blayne Andersen, CFP®, AIF® and Doug Aumont, CFP®, AIF®.

BANDER Wealth Management (formerly known as BANDER Investments) has been contemplating the best time to complete this transition for well over a year now. We have a responsibility, first and foremost, to you, our valued clients. Our decision to move custodians will upgrade our technology and allow us to enhance our supervision of your investment accounts

Our client services team will work diligently to prepare paperwork to complete this transfer. In addition, you will have the option of utilizing the new e-signature feature to allow for an easy, quick transition.

All account assets will be transferred over electronically. Our client services team will keep you updated as the transfer process is completed. Your investments will remain invested during this time period.

We will have account information including bank account information, automatic contribution information, systematic withdrawal information, and beneficiary information carried over from your current accounts. You will also have the opportunity to update these items as well.

We are proud to announce that BANDER Investments is now BANDER Wealth Management. Same Great Company – Different Name.

We want our name to fully capture the work we do for clients, which is a holistic approach to financial planning. Our advisory team consists of CFP® professionals and our Client Engagement Process covers five key financial segments. These include estate planning, tax planning, insurance planning, income planning and investment planning. We then link the 5 segments together to demonstrate that decisions that may seem isolated in a single segment, may actually have some impact on the other four segments.

Our investment philosophy will remain the same. We believe in finding the right investment solution to meet the individual client’s investment objective. We take the approach of maximizing the client’s risk-reward ratio. Our investment portfolios consist of low-cost passively managed ETF investments, low-cost actively managed mutual funds, interest-bearing cash solutions, and non-traded publicly registered investments. This transition allows us to more efficiently implement our investment philosophy.

Our investment team uses 3rd party research tools to independently analyze thousands of investment options. We use research provided from industry leaders such as Fi360’s fiduciary scoring criteria, Morningstar, Riskalyze, and TD Ameritrade.

A fiduciary has a legal responsibility to ethically act in the client’s best interest.

For more than 30 years, CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNERTM certification has been the standard of excellence for financial planners. CFP® professionals have met extensive training and experience requirements, and commit to CFP Board’s ethical standards that require them to put their clients’ interests first.

BANDER Wealth Management (formerly known as BANDER Investments) is committed to providing best-in-class investment solutions to our valued clients. We will continue to have access to all of the investments we currently utilize in client portfolios. In addition, we’ll have access to new investment options and strategies that we’ll be able to bring you as well. With all investment decisions, our team of advisors will coordinate one-on-one with you prior to making any changes to investment strategy.

TD Ameritrade has been an industry pioneer for over 40 years. They will serve as custodian for a majority of our investment accounts. They currently custody over $1 trillion in assets on behalf of individual clients and investment advisors. The industry has recognized TD Ameritrade as a leader in technology and trading platforms.

Similar to the way you access your accounts today, we will continue to provide an online dashboard to access real-time client account information, your BANDER Secure Financial Website. We have created a tutorial video guide to showcase the new BANDER Secure Financial Website. In addition, our client services team will schedule individual one-on-one appointments to walk you through the new BANDER Secure Financial Website. As a plus, this new portal will allow you to access consolidated statements as well! The new client portal includes the following features: -one stop financial hub -vault -performance reporting -consolidated account statements -mobile app

A consolidated statement that reflects your entire account portfolio will be made available to you in your new BANDER Secure Financial Website (client portal). This will streamline how you can access your account information. In addition, individual account-level statements will be mailed or sent via email based upon your personal preference. This will be set by the individual client based on your preference. In addition, you may continue to reach out to our staff for any statement requests.

Our custodian TD Ameritrade and financial software vendors strictly adhere to the rigid security protocols outlined by FINRA, a regulatory agency tasked with protecting the investing public against fraud and bad practices. Please see the reference link below for additional information:

Yes, in certain situations we will continue to hold specific investments with NFS. This has to do with the type of investment which will include the non-traded, publicly registered investments. We will discuss with you directly when applicable.

Arkadios is a nationally recognized broker-dealer platform based in Atlanta, GA. We are partnering with Arkadios to help offer back-office solutions. They will be replacing Parkland Securities who formerly served this role for our firm. We feel that Arkadios will allow us to enhance our service offering and we look forward to this new business relationship.

Yes, our advisory team will remain unchanged. Our advisory team consists of Blayne Andersen, CFP®, AIF® and Doug Aumont, CFP®, AIF®.

Please contact our office for any questions. Our team is here to help you, our valued client. We value our relationship with you, and will walk you through this process step by step.