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Letter to Clients

Hello clients and friends! 

We are happy to announce some exciting new changes.

We are moving custodians from Fidelity Investments / NFS to TD Ameritrade. This will be most visible to you when looking at your monthly statements. This will allow us to enhance our platform and address many of the comments and feedback we have received from clients over the years.


  • More favorable pricing and lower transaction costs
  • Reduction in physical mail·        
  • Software technology upgrade   
  • Optional E-Signature

As a firm, we feel it is extremely important to act in the best interests of our clients. The actions we take today will have a positive, long-lasting impact on the families with whom we serve. We have traveled the country the last couple of years researching what, if any, changes we wanted to make to the services we provide to you, our valued client. The result of this search prompted our change in custodians.

We have prepared a FAQ page to address some questions you may have regarding this transition. I would like to highlight some key points.

  • Clients will not incur any costs / fees for switching over to TD Ameritrade.
  • Our decision to move custodians will upgrade our technology and allow us to enhance our supervision of your investment accounts. 
  • Investments will move over to TD Ameritrade electronically and will remain invested during the transition
  • E-signature is an optional tool. We can still do things the old-fashioned way if you’re not comfortable using e-signature.

We are also proud to announce that BANDER Investments is now BANDER Wealth Management.   

Same Great Company – Different Name.

We want our name to fully capture the work we do for clients, which is a holistic approach to financial planning. Our advisory team consists of CFP® professionals and our Client Engagement Process covers five key financial segments. These include estate planning, tax planning, insurance planning, income planning and investment planning. We then link the 5 segments together to demonstrate that decisions that may seem isolated in a single segment, may actually have some impact on the other four segments.

At BANDER Wealth Management (formerly known as BANDER Investments), our core belief has been and always will be to continue to learn and grow for the benefit of our valued clients who have placed their trust in our financial stewardship. As your trusted financial advisor, we see it as a privilege to work for you. We have a responsibility to act with integrity, transparency, authenticity, empathy, and with a forward-thinking, rational mindset as we seek to support you to living the life of your dreams.

We will be meeting one-on-one with you over the next several weeks. Our team will take a hands-on approach to ensure the transition is smooth and won’t impact our ability to supervise your accounts. We will leverage the new e-signature technology to allow for greater ease and flexibility in completing this transition.

Please be on the lookout for a meeting invite from us. We thank you for putting your trust in BANDER Wealth Management. We look forward to speaking with you soon.


Blayne Andersen